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Gordon Anderson - Echo Springs Publishing

Gordon Anderson - Echo Springs Publishing

Gordon Anderson Poetry

When I found HAIKU it became a niche for me. I like it. It likes me. I like to write it and people like to read it.

MY HAIKU AND TANKA POEMS paint pictures with words. I set a scene, give an observation, raise a question, and present a thought or dream.

And I write of occurrence and happening, of man’s spiritual, mental and physical world— life and death—and of man’s survival. My focus has been on all of these subjects.

Each reader is unique. And to all my readers, I think you are wise. You decide what you like.  

May you experience some haiku moments.  

Enjoy the poems.

Preface and Foreword from Chosen Poems: Words of Love

Chosen Poems: Words of Love Is my fourth book

My Preface

I write diverse poetry and stories.
One day I realized I had written many poems
To do with love. So, I gathered them and chose 
these 188 poems for this Chosen Poems: Words of Love book.
I have written these poems over a stretch of years
going back to the early 1970’s through today.
I hope you enjoy,
Gordon Anderson


Gordon Anderson’s enthusiasm and commitment
to poetic writing creates a window for readers to
experience the poet’s romantic heart and soul.
This body of work represents fifty years as an artist
and romantic poet.
Anderson’s poems and lyrics express universal 
love, betrayal, sorrow, forgiveness and longing.
from park bench to the Elk Mountains, through
every season and ritual, reader’s are invited to 
connect to the raw and tender nature of love.
There is an honesty in Gordon’s love poems
that will open your heart.

Ruth Marcus

Preface and Foreword from Looking Through the Knothole

Looking Through the Knothole Is my fifth book

My Preface

In writing these Tritina style poems for
Looking Through the Knothole, I have made
Life observations, became aware of incidence,
And generated some thoughts and conclusions
That came my way. I am still looking through a
Knothole. I hope you enjoy the knothole.

For the structure of a Tritina Poem and an
Example—please see my: Tritina Pattern and Example.


Gordon Anderson has been my friend for almost
Five decades. I met him in 1970 over coffee, along
with several other students in the West Commons
of San Diego State University after a creative writing
class. Gordon stood out, first, by his appearance.
Gordon had a very muscular body developed from
years of furniture moving and summers of fire 
fighting as a Del Rosa hot Shot.
In those days Gordon sported a ponytail, thick
beard, wore jeans and boots and carried a briefcase
everywhere. Second, by his copious note taking,
not just in class but wherever he was, a practice
he continues to this day. Three by five index cards
in his back pocket and a ready pen are part of his
attire, Third, by his lazar like penetration into
the core of things. He has been Looking Through
the Knothole all his life. Gordon writes prolifically
about his perceptions in excellent prose, lyrics,
and compelling poetry. I look forward to each new
Gordon Anderson book.

John McKinney
San Diego, California