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Gordon Anderson Books and Descriptions

Gordito Haiku: Book One (300 Haiku & 60 Tanka Poems), 164 pages, published 2016) 

Gordito Haiku: Book Two (300 Haiku & 60 Tanka Poems), 164 pages, published 2016)

Gordito Haiku: Book Three (300 Haiku & 60 Tanka Poems), 164 pages, published 2016)

I write modern American haiku. In all my Gordito Haiku Books my haiku and Tanka poems paint pictures with words. I set a scene, give an observation, raise a question, or present a thought or dream. And I write of occurrence and happening, of man’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical self. I deal with nature and the physical world—life and death—and of man’s survival. My focus has been all of these subjects.

Chosen Poems: Words of Love (188 poems, 297 pages, published 2017)

In this book my poems very in structure and form: there are street poems, rhyme poems, free verse, lyric, story-ballad type poems, and a few Tritina style poems.
These love poems span the last forty-five years. It is a collection of assorted poems of found love, lost love, good love, bad love, first love, last love, young love, old love—and of longing, betrayal, forgiveness, sorrow, and happiness.

Looking Through the Knothole (100 Tritna poems, 112 pages, published 2018)

This book is a collection of poems dealing with observations, visions, and perceptions of living life with humor, love and everyday gratitude. (In the back of the book I show what a Tritina poem is, and how it is patterned and structured, with an example).

* I live with my wife on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.