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Why I Write Haiku Poetry


I have been writing a long while, lyrics, poems and short stories and along came haiku.

I fell in love with the conciseness of haiku, and the dealing of the awareness of the moment. This is the reason for first haiku book: ‘Gordito Haiku: Book One’.

My Haiku poetry is diverse and wide ranging while dealing with the importance of time. My second haiku book is simply a continuation of my first book.

I write almost daily a lyric, a poem or a story start and most everyday a haiku or two. I have just finished my second haiku book: ‘Gordito Haiku: Book Two’.

I plan for ‘Gordito Haiku: Book Three’ to be printed and published before this Thanksgiving with more books to come after it.

I write of the awareness of details in life, of observation, and of thoughts and dreams. I do not think I will be done writing my haiku books until there are at least Ten ‘Gordito Haiku’ books completed.

I am an American haiku poet, but I write for every man and woman on this earth.

I write haiku because I like to write poetry this way.